Active leisure in the open air is essential for our wellbeing. It allows us to relax, decompress and shake off all those tiny everyday problems.

A family adventure brings us closer together, it lets the children (and adults) face challenges, interact with nature and other people in a quite a different setting than our technology filled daily routine.
This kind of a weekend trip is also perfect to form bonds between co-workers, free from their desks, laptops and job titles. People finally have the chance to talk about what their true passions are.
All these reasons made us present you with WEEKEND KAYAKING TRIPS on the Obra River with accommodation at the “Nad Obrą” site. Wooden cabins of the “Brda” type sleep 5 people and toilets and showers (with hot water) are located in a separate building on site. The location and an almost mystical peace and quiet fully compensate for any inconveniences.
The cabins function as a hostel system, so we recommend coming as a group of 5 in order to use whole one part. If you wish you may also put up your own tent or bring your caravan.
The campsite has barbecue areas with tables and seating, where you can enjoy your meal under a roof as a larger group. We also provide wood for campfires.
The 2-day kayaking trip starts in RAŃSKO and finishes in GORZYCA.
Day one we paddle about 17km from Rańsko to Obrzyce. It’s a simple and pleasant route to enjoy without any hassle, suitable even with a small child.
Day two is about 19 km in the kayak. The route until Święty Wojciech is challenge-free, after that, however, the river bends and in places the river gets narrower making the trip more memorable and exciting.
Our Weekend Kayaking Trips are suitable for complete newbies and people with some experience. We provide good care both on water and on land.

Weekend Kayaking Trip PLAN:

18.00 p.m. Settling on „Nad Obrą” campsite in Obrzycach [ul. Leśna 10 66-300 Międzyrzecz]
19.30 p.m. Dinner by the campfire
8.30 a.m. Breakfast (plus sandwiches for lunch to be prepared individually by kayakers).
10.30 a.m. Transfer to Rańsko. Here we assist crews and give instructions and tips. Start.
16.00 p.m. Finish in Obrzyce.
17.00 p.m. 2 course dinner brought to the campsite.
19.00 p.m. Campfire.
8.30 a.m. Breakfast (plus sandwiches for lunch to be prepared individually by kayakers).
9.30 a.m. Start from Obrzyce to Gorzyca.
14.30 p.m. Finish of the kayaking trip in Gorzyca. Transfer to „Nad Obrą” campsite.
15.00 p.m. Dinner brought to the campsite and the end of the adventure.

Cost per person is 250 zł (people sleeping in their tents or caravans 230 zł)

The price includes:

  • Seat in a 2 persons „Pro-tour 470” kayak (extra charge for solo kayak – 20 zł)
  • Transfer of people and equipment to Rańsko and from Gorzyca.
  • Accomodation in cabins or at the campsite (in kayaker’s own tents or caravans).
  • Catering (supper, 2 x breakfast, 2 x lunch, 2x dinner)
  • A Guide and constant care by an experienced crew.
  • NW Insurance on request.