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Kayaking trips

Active outdoor recreation is a source of well-being. It allows us to relax, rest after hard work and forget about everyday problems. Spending free time with the family in the bosom of nature allows us to get to know each other better, gives us an opportunity to show our children how to overcome difficulties, how to commune with nature, develop perceptiveness, respond properly to the needs of others, and most of all, we have an opportunity to observe our child, to learn how they react in a different situation than at home. Weekend recreation is also the easiest and most natural way to integrate work crews. People detached from their desks, workstations, laptops etc. can finally talk about something that really interests them, get to know their capabilities. That is why we offer you WEEKEND KAYAKING TRIPS on the picturesque Obra River with accommodation in our Recreation Centre "NAD OBRĄ".


Accommodation in five-person wooden cabins of the "Brda" type (you must have your own sleeping bag). The cabins are "the glamour of PRL-u" (People's Republic of Poland), therefore toilets and showers (with hot water) are located in a separate building, but the compensation for this inconvenience is silence, peace and a forest. When it comes to accommodation, the hostel rule applies, so it is best to go with a group of friends to fill up a 5-person segment. You can also pitch your tent on the grounds or use your own caravan. The "Nad Obrą" centre has roofs, where you can eat a meal in peace and provides a firewood for a bonfire. A two-day kayaking trip down the Obra River from Rańsko to Gorzyca. On the first day, we go about 17 km from Ransk to Obrzyce. The route is simple, easy and pleasant. You can do it even with a little child. On the second day, we go about 19 km from Obrzyce to Gorzyca. At the beginning, this section of the Obra river does not cause any difficulties for kayakers, but only from the St. Wojciech river meanders and forces you to make more effort and make kayaking even more attractive. People with no previous experience in kayaking or camping can take part in weekend kayaking trips, as we provide professional care both on water and on land.


18:00 Accommodation in OW "Nad Obrą" in Obrzyce 10 Leśna Street, 66-300 Międzyrzecz
19:00 Dinner by the bonfire
8:30 Breakfast (second breakfast for the kayak is prepared by yourself, you will receive breakfast bags in advance)
10:30 The participants leave on our transport to Ransk. Here, we complete the crews and after giving instructions - we set off
16:00 End of the kayaking trip. Participants secure the equipment
17:00 Dinner consisting of two dishes brought to OW "Nad Obrą"
19:00 Bonfire for the Enduring
8:30 Breakfast (second breakfast for the kayak is prepared by yourself, you will receive breakfast bags in advance)
9:30 We set off from Obrzyce to Gorzyca
14:30 The end of kayaking trip in Gorzyca. Transporting participants to OW "Nad Obrą"
15:00 Dinner delivered to the centre and the end of the event

The cost of participation in the WEEKEND KAYAKING TRIP is PLN 350.00 per person (kayakers sleeping in their own tent or caravan PLN 300.00).

the above mentioned price includes:
- A place in a two-person kayak "Pro-tour 470" (extra charge for a solo - 20,00 PLN)
- Transport of participants and equipment to and from Gorzyca
- Accommodation in cabins or on the camping site in own tents (caravans)
- Food (supper, 2 x breakfast, 2 x second breakfast, 2x dinner)
- Constant care of an experienced crew