Kayaking trips on the rivers of Lubusz Land.

We’re offering you an opportunity to explore the most breathtaking parts of the Lubusz Land. Throughout the centuries rivers have been used for transport, establishing trade routes and borders of kingdoms. They allowed villages, towns and cities to develop. They founded the centers of cultural and economic lives.
Water had always been associated with life itself and we’d like to invite you to connect with nature once again, get to know all the beauty and history of our region.
I was born in Skwierzyna and spent my blissful childhood in Bledzew. I currently live in Swiety Wojciech, where we operate from now. Those places are connected by Obra River.

From the days of my youth I remember it as crystal clear and mysterious, her edges covered by wild forests I explored with my friends. On many islands – the effect of German land remodelling works – we would built forts and play in them. Spent days swimming at the beach in Bledzew – now there’s a campsite and kayaking bay there.
Each year I go enjoying it’s view in different season. And Obra never fails to surprises me. My personal favourite are kayaking trips in Winter. Leafless trees allow you to see the whole valley tenderly wrapped up in snow and thanks to the high level of water you can explore all the canals that cannot be accessed during summer.
I’ve been kayaking on various rivers on Poland for over 35 years now and my passion led me to found this business. My knowledge, dedicated team and 30 years of experience in organizing leisure makes me capable of providing you with an safe and fulfilling adventure.


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