We offer you to get to know the most beautiful spots of the Lubusz Land. For centuries, rivers have been transport routes, trade routes and the borders of the dominion of princes, kings and emperors, as well as settlements, villages and towns which were the centres of cultural and economic life in the region. Water is always associated with life, it is a rule that "where there is water, there is life". We invite you to commune with nature at its source, at the same time getting to know the history and monuments of our area. I was born in Skwierzyna, I spent my childhood in Bledzewo. Currently I live in St Wojciech, where we have a kayaking station. All these towns are situated on the Obra River. I remember this river from my early childhood as crystal clear and mysterious. Its banks are overgrown with primeval forest, through which I used to wander with my friends, building bases and hiding places on islands. These places were created after the Germans dug numerous canals below Bledzewo.

When I was a child, I used to go swimming in the Bledzewo swimming area with its pebble bottom full of shells. Now there is a camping site prepared by the local council. I paddle the Obra several times throughout the year. It always surprises me with its views. The most beautiful are winter kayaking trips, when leafless trees reveal views of the entire valley covered with snow and the high water level makes it possible to enter channels that are difficult to reach in summer. In the meantime, together with my friends, I went round several dozen rivers in Poland and sailed a bit on the Baltic Sea. The experience I gathered during my travels resulted in establishing Stanica Kajakowa in St. Wojciech and doing what I love and can do well - organising active tourism for 30 years now. I have adequate experience and equipment to ensure a pleasant and safe holiday.